I’ve been so horrendously bad at getting enough sleep lately. This is so horrible…and could be remedied if I managed my evenings better. I need like a whole day just to sleep and catch up on rest.

I stayed up making a research poster for the poster session we have at school on Thursday. I’m on a time limit because it has to get printed before then. Blah.

My weekend has been eventful. And since I’m being boring (efficient?), I’m going to go for the bullet points:

I finalized my NASA decision and got all of the initial paperwork done.

I went to a party and drank more than I probably should have. But it was fun and I was safe, so it’s all good.

I found out that I got the Chancellor’s Award! I can’t remember whether I have already mentioned that I was nominated for that…It is my school’s most prestigious award and it’s given to students for their service and leadership. Anyway, the nomination paid off!

On that note, I accepted the membership election from Phi Kappa Phi, which I think is the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline honor society. 😳

I met up with a long lost friend for drinks and appetizers. Catching up with her was amazing and wonderful and made me want to see her more often.

I spent a bunch of time with my boyfriend. We got sushi!

I met up with another friend for coffee and lunch.

I bought a new dress (for the Chancellor’s Award reception). It’s simple but has pretty geometric detailing, which I have hopefully highlighted in the photos for you.

I bought groceries, a new blouse, vitamins, thank you cards, and new razor cartridges. I always put off buying the $16 pack of 4 for as long as possible, but I’m nearing caveman status in the legs department.

I have a polymer chemistry exam tomorrow and I haven’t exactly started studying for it yet…so that’s where I’ll be if you need me. ;)

Anonymous asked:

When you started to get the cystic acne from birth control, was it almost immediate or did it take a few months? I recently started taking birth control and my face never has a moment with out a cystic pimple...right now I have three and feel a new one coming...I'm afraid I may have a reaction to the pill as well.

Within a week or two my face was breaking out in big cysts. You can go back through my blog and look at the time stamps if you’d like. I documented my whole journey from the beginning of birth control to the end of isotretinoin. I know that a normal reaction to starting birth control is to go through a brief period of being more broken out than usual, but check with your doctor if you’re concerned. You can also look at my pics to compare to your situation if you think a similar thing might be happening to you (I hope it isn’t!).








possibly the most realistic makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen. doesn’t make you hate yourself or your incompetence unlike most beauty gurus. 

this is exactly how i do my makeup. 

i liked this. 

I’ve been following Akilah for a couple of years and I adore her. sooo funny.

realistic as fuck

I don’t know why I watched a make-up tutorial, but I know why I’m reblogging it - it’s both super cute and funny

This is worth a watch…funny and actually realistic!

Anonymous asked:

I want to still do some sort of exercising while on accutane. What do you recommend and not recommend? Please and thank you!

I would recommend doing low-intensity workouts that put minimal stress on your joints. Activities such as swimming and gentle yoga are good options. Stay away from intense running and other workouts that concentrate force on your knees. To be honest, I ended up not working out for the majority of my isotretinoin treatment because my joints were too stiff and sore. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard.

So…I finally made a final decision about what I’m doing this summer.

Many of you already know that I was waffling over REUs at Colorado State University and Yale. I chose Yale and declined the offer from CSU. I was then offered an internship at NASA doing a project with carbon nanotubes for electronics applications, which I declined with no hesitation because that was one of those “I’ll throw an application in the bucket just in case I don’t get any other offers” things. I thought I was set to go with Yale. Then I got another offer from NASA, and this one was the single NASA internship for which I applied that I did really want. The project is the synthesis and characterization of polymer aerogels for aerospace applications. If you haven’t heard of aerogels, look them up. They are extremely light and very good insulators. You can literally torch crayons with a Bunsen burner through this stuff and the crayons won’t melt. Oh, and they are only about 3x heavier than air. NASA wants to use the aerogels as spacecraft protection for re-entry into the atmosphere (where weight is a big deal and high insulating properties are mandatory). So when I got this offer, it actually made me consider turning down Yale. In fact, everyone I talked to agreed that NASA would be a better option, providing me with government research which would round out my academic and industry research experience. And I can’t get over how awesome the project is. Then today I got my project and mentor assignment from Yale. I was curious about which building I would be in, so I looked it up.

Someone was murdered there in 2009.

I read about it and of course got freaked out and started thinking about what it would be like to see the place it happened, the place the body was found. If I needed any more reasons to accept the NASA offer and decline Yale, that one was satisfactory. I was already going to accept the NASA one, but yikes. Not that Yale is at fault or that Yale wouldn’t be an amazing experience as well…I am just easily scared I guess. At any rate, I’m so excited about this project I’ll be working on at NASA!